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Puresci symbolizes the constant pursuit of pure science and technology to create value. At the same time, insisting on a truth-seeking and pragmatic attitude is also the principle of Puresci.​

Puresci are dealing with the most complex challenges with new brand strategy—— Focus on air handling.

With the value of respecting science, humanity and engineering research, and the motivation on products innovation, Puresci is devoted to build a better future together with customers, employees and partners. Puresci pursues the First-Principles, analyzing problems from the perspective of underlying logic. After thousands of verification, solution of each problem

has been optimized; then Puresci solves the issues on air handling through multiple tests of refrigeration methods, adsorption rotors, data acquisition and logic control modes. Meanwhile, Puresci provides value-added services with the support of data analysis and remote diagnosis.

Service And Responsibility

Donser strives for sustainable development.

Social Care

Puresci firmly believes that focusing on environmental protection is key to gaining consumer and societal recognition.

Environmental Protection

We work with environmental experts to promote sustainable business practices and provide high-quality products while protecting the planet.


Devoted to the research of air handling and the manufacture of desiccant rotor.
Excellent supplier of products and solutions in global air-handling area.

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